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Holly Cropper is the mom of 2 handsome boys and a wife of a supporting husband. @hcropper01

Holly has been training hard for over a year with me. She started in November of 2017 with minimal confidence and uncertain of her fitness journey. In one year, Holly has seen drastic changes in her body composition. She has competed in multiple obstacle course and rough terrain races. She has a rock solid core and has breakthroughs nearly EVERY session! She is hard work and dedication!

Holly has become quite strong during her journey. Squatting 185 pounds for reps. Dead lifting 210 pounds. She's completed her first full pull up (huge goal break through). Her gymnastic skill training has improved 10 fold!



Elizabeth is a member of Suspend Louisville! She is constantly using her body to pull and maintain stability while suspended. She is quite familiar with the trapeze bar, ropes, hoops, and silks. This requires some real core strength and technique from Elizabeth. 

When Elizabeth and I found each other, she was experiencing some issues with her back. She utilized her chiropractor more than she would have liked and did not feel like she had a strong core. After 2 months of preventative and strength training, Elizabeth had this to say to me before our training session, "I went to my chiropractor for a visit and she assured me that my core muscles were strong and durable. No shifts or alignments were necessary." 

I am not a doctor or chiropractor. Elizabeth's dedication and hard work during our sessions enabled some awesome results and she is feeling great!



Gannon is a football player at Male High School. His school programming focuses quite a bit on heavy lifts and specific game play training. Gannon and I have focused purely on increasing core strength, awareness, and coordination. 

Gannon is a big guy! In one year he grew more than 5 inches and he is only 16 years old. Addressing his motor function has become a key ingredient to his success! Gannon is expected to do great things in his upcoming years!



Camille is a superstar runner and all around athlete. As an NCAA athlete at Centre College, her drive for excellence is through the roof. Camille had a hamstring injury that took her out of the running equation for some time. Shortly after her rehabilitation graduation date, Camille reached out to Fitness That Fits You for targeted help with strengthening and becoming FIT AS HELL! Less than a month into her training, Camille reached out and shared with me her longest running distance and fastest time since her hamstring injury! 

Camille ran 8 miles, at a pace of 8 minutes and 5 seconds per mile. Insane!! These were her words, " Not only did I finish 8 miles but my pace is improving! I'm only running 4 days a week and not focusing on increasing my pace at all. This summer I could have hit this pace but it would have taken some serious effort. This run was easy and very controlled. I didn't have to push until the last mile! Farthest I've run in 6 months".

This brings nothing but happiness to Fitness That Fits You!

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