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MISSION STATEMENT: Why FTFY Functional Fitness Coaching?

Fitness That Fits You is exactly what it implies. I am here to enter YOUR world and guide you on your fitness journey. There are hundreds of ways to move. Some people body weight train and CrossFit. Some are only looking to accomplish weight loss goals. Some body build and power lift. Some are Yogis, and others Cycle. There isn't one way to move. Fitness That Fits You is here to help you take the first step in the right direction. 


Why Do I Move?

As a prior NCAA athlete, fitness has always been my life! I lost my mother in 2015 and while this may have broken some, it provided me with direction! Advancing my ability, capability, and knowledge became my "HOW"?! Using these advances to help others grow became my "WHY"?! As a father, I have a responsibility to continue expanding my obsession for fitness. Connecting with my community and using my expertise to help others is the goal!


Discover Why You Move!

Why do you move? This is important! What is your inspiration? Who or what is your motivation? Before beginning any new program or diet, sit down and discover why you want to make a change. Why is health and wellness important to you? Discover why and how you want to move and then DO IT! My "why" is to help YOU discover yours! That is why I became a personal trainer.

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